OKM A/S has been ISO 9001 citified since 1993. Our quality assurance system guarantees the production of quality products that meet the product specifications. We take care to carry out our quality control in all stages of production. The quality assurance starts with an entry control for raw materials.

Quality monitoring must be planned before production commences and be carried out as an integral part of production. It must be determined whether the customer wishes PPAP, P-FMEA and/or similar documentation.

Order confirmation
During order confirmation the quality requirements are set, and the order is computer registered. Price and time of delivery are confirmed.

Processes are planned, points of control are inserted and described in plans, program cards and method cards.

The purchase order is send to an approved supplier. All purchased goods or services are controlled on entry. The quality of all subcontractors is assessed on a regular basis.

Operators control the production regularly. At certain fixed times there is neighbor control or intermediate control by our control department. Each control is documented.

Final Inspection
All produced items are checked before exit and tested according to requirements and measurement frequency. Documentation of verification is sent to the customer.

All products are securely packed before shipping. If standard packing is impossible, we collaborate with the customer to develop a special packing to protect the product during transportation.

Security of delivery
When you get a delivery from OKM, you receive the correct product at the agreed time. This is ensured through an effective management from receipt of the order though the entire processing to final approval by the control department.