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Paperless revolution


Lower costs, higher quality products and job satisfaction are amongst the advantages that the manufacturing company OKM experienced when investing in paperless manufacturing.

Three years ago the production company OKM invested approximately 200,000 EUR to become paperless. The investment will reach break even within one and a half year from now.

Operator Sanne Thygesen looks at her iPad installed next to the machine that she is operating. By tapping at the screen she has access to all the information she needs to produce the item. She can also check if the other machines, she is operating simultaneously, need inspection. While working she feeds the iPad with data about time spend at the machine while other data about production is automatically updated. Based on this information the management team is able to optimise production and the earnings of the company. 

Using paper is history in OKM, a production company that develops and manufactures fixtures, form tools and special machines to various industries, including the offshore oil & gas industry. The owner and founder of the company, Robert Okholm, is thrilled about the paperless manufacturing.

“The process started three years ago and originated from my wish to improve the cost accounting of the company. At that time we did not have an exact overview of the least and most beneficial activities,” he explains.

To help the company analyse the production and come up with a digital solution that could provide the management with information useful for the cost accounting, they engaged an engineering student from Odense Technical College. While he was working at his assignment it turned out to be more complicated to implement a new production planning system that first anticipated – among others because it was not compatible with the company’s computer system. Thus, the project grew bigger and the Alexandra Institute, an it-provider and the student’s professor also got involved in the project lead by OKM’s quality manager.

Many side-effects

One and a half year – and approximately 200,000 EUR - later OKM’s production has been revolutionised. Not a paper is in sight.  

“When we started out we had not considered becoming paperless but now that we are about 98% paperless, we have observed more advantages than we had imagined. First of all our investment will reach break even within about three years which is one and a half year from now. From then on it will only benefit our bottom line figures,” says Robert Okholm and adds:

“The operators feel more self-confident because of the easy access to all the information that they need. This has an impact on the quality and also the efficiency because the personnel can find all the answers to their questions on the screen and do not need to ask the colleagues for help. ”

The new system also keep track if the stock of a tool, component or material is about to run out and automatically orders new items at the supplier, a feature that also adds to the efficiency. Furthermore, OKM has evidently saved a lot of paper and improved its ability to provide their customers with documentation and traceability, thus greater customer satisfaction - even new business.

“We just got a new customer, a German company that we would never have got had it not been for our new system that has improved the quality, traceability and documentation,” says Robert Okholm.

He is so exited about the results of the transition that he offers to share company knowledge about the process with other companies interested in learning more about paperless manufacturing.

For further information, please contact CEO Kristian Kvistgaard-Persson: kkp@okm.as
Read more about the company at: www.okm.as


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