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Specialist in CNC machining

In the Aluminium department we mass produce components
for the automotive industry.

Supplier to different industries

Design and manufacture of tooling and fixtures for manufacturing

Manufacturing of components and mass production of parts

Specialist in CNC-Milling

In the Aluminium department we mass produce components
for the automotive industry.

Specialist in CNC-Turning

Capacity: ø370 x 500 mm


Capacity: x-y-z 4500x1250x770 mm.

Forming tools and fixtures

Often developed in collaboration with the customer.

Mass Production

OKM produces yearly Volumes of 1.500.000 pcs.

OKM A/S develops and manufactures fixtures and forming tools

Our machinery is constantly expanding, revenue increased and orders growing steadily. With 3000 m2 we have the framework for more growth for the company and good working conditions for our many talented and dedicated employees.

Design and construction form tools. Prototypes and series tools.
Design and manufacture of special machines and fixtures.
Manufacturing components for the automotive and food industry.
Mass production of series volume with up to 1.5 million. units / year.

3D Printing with high imaging performance is also part of our production equipment.

With a 3D Printer its a simple matter to create models and prototypes and small product series in PA and Metal.


Inquiries and offers

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